Dorset Group

symposium at the farm

Dear Visitor,

Regarding the Energy for the Future a symposium was organised by Dorset in 2012with the focus on

Energy through treatment

a day including discussions, demonstrations and presentations concerning the



gasification, or


of various biomasses like



sludge, or


Presentation sheets

Dear participant, many thanks for your presence at our seminar! We look back on a most successful day. If you wish to review the slides of the presentation again, you can find these below as PDF file.


Morning program

11:05 Expedition to the plenary presentations. Herman Rietman, managing director of the Dorset Group, kicks off by giving an overview of the developments at Dorset and motive for organizing this symposium. Presentation (PDF NL)

11:35 Presentation on environmental related projects as opportunity for export, introduction by Ir. Drs. Bart Vander Velpen, Director Business Development and Corporate Innovation at Royal Haskoning. Presentation (PDF NL)

12:00 Henk Haaring, general director of the Dorset Group, tells about ‘manure treatment around the world’. He will give examples of manure treatment and green energy; organic fertilizer versus fuel; nature, nutrition and green fuel. Presentation (PDF NL)


Afternoon program

Workshop Biogas production

Chairman: André Hermsen

Dipl. Ir. Erich Blaß, Leiter Akquisition Bioenergie Steag
Biogas from municipal green: new development in the biogasproduction from green waste(PDF DE)

Prof. Dr. Michael Wachendorf
Biogas from verge grass: report on the Progras-project(PDF DE)

Stefan Lebzien, Enagra Conpower
Igniscum candy: the mais replacement. Biological cultivation for a lower cost price biogas(PDF DE)

Franz Wimmer, Conpower Technik GmbH
Higher electrical performance with biogas by an additional mini-steamgenerator(PDF DE)

Workshop Digestate treatment

Chairman: Frans Miggelbrink

Ir. Sjoerd Bokma, Universiteit Wageningen
Innovation in ammoniac stripping(PDF NL)

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Volk, Fachhochschule Südwestfalen Agrartechnik in der Agrarwirtschaft
Green coal from digestate: small-scale torrification(PDF DE)

Michael Niederbacher, voorzitter Italiaanse Biogasvereniging
New Italian legislation biogas, nitrogen emission and usage of poultry manure in biogasplants(PDF DE)

Ir. Jaap Uenk MAB, Directeur Dofco BV, voorzitter Sectie Meststoffendistributie Cumela Nederland
The extent of the worldmarket for organic fertilizers(PDF NL)


Workshop Sludge- and manure treatment

Chairman: Frans Miggelbrink

Wim van Doorn, Senior Consultant, Royal Haskoning
Poultrymanure treatment project at Keskinoglu in Turkey: an environmental study(PDF EN)

Ir. Jan Grift, Cogen Projects
Integrated sludge treatment and energy production(PDF EN)

Ir. Maurice Nijrolder, Redox Water Technology
Manure treatment at pig farm in Russia, an example from actual practice(PDF EN)

Drs. Henno Haaring, Dorset Group
Green energy from wood gasification with residual heat usage for sludge treatment, an example from actual practice(PDF NL)