Dorset Group

symposium at the farm

Dear Visitor,

Regarding the Energy for the Future a symposium was organised by Dorset with the focus on

Local energy supply by processing residues from society and nature

a day including discussions, demonstrations and presentations concerning techniques such as




combustion or


with regard to various materials such as




manure of


Presentation sheets

For viewing the sheets of the presentations, please click on the relevant title of the presentations in the program below.


Morning program

09:30 Welcoming reception at Dorset Barlo, Dorset’s location for development and service. Specialists in the field of biogas, pyrolysis, gasification, drying, air cleaning and steam turbines will be giving explanations and demonstrations.

10:15 General start of the program lead by Frans Miggelbrink.

10:20 Expedition to the plenary presentations. Henk and Henno Haaring of the Dorset Group kick off by giving an overview of the developments(PDF NL) that are the cause for organizing this symposium.

10:40 Open innovation as a cost and fuel saver. George de Boer, International Alliance Manager TomTom Telematics.

11:10 The role of biomass in the energy transition(PDF NL). mr. Bert de Vries, deputy director-general of the Energy, Telecom and Competition of the Ministery of Economic Affairs.

11:40 The large energy suppliers have been privatized. What’s next? The role of the province in the local energy supply. Annemieke Traag, Gedeputeerde Provincie Gelderland.

12:10 Quick questions and conclusion..

12:15 Lunch, with the option to view demonstrations and talk with relations.


Afternoon program

13:00 Room A

New ways to improve efficiency of biogas plants (1)

Roel Slotman, CCO Envitec Biogas
XO Biogasplant, full processing of digestate with the residual heat(PDF DE)

Helmut Gerber, Managing Partner Pyreg
Biochar in the biogas process, improvement of energy yield?(PDF DE)

Franz Wimmer, CEO CONPOWER Technik
Power generation using CHP waste heat by means of high temperature ORC-engines (Steam engine)

Marcel Huber, CEO SynCraft Engineering
Digestate gasification plant fluidized bed gasification(PDF DE)

13:00 Room B

Energy techniques for biomass

Prof. Dr. Wallmann, First District Councillor of the Werra-Meissner District
District Werra-Miessner on its way to 100% renewable energy(PDF EN)

Robin Verhoef, CTO Dordtech
Ecocycle, large-scale gasification of wood in Wales(PDF 9MB EN)

Gerd Warchol, CEO MEE
Flexible Biomass exploitation by pyrolysis

Andre Hermsen, Dorset Green Machines
Sludge and manure processing in a closed energy cycle(PDF NL)


15:00 Room A

New ways to improve efficiency of biogas plants (2)

Theo Bijman, Nijhuis Water Technology
Biogas from poultry waste: a case(PDF EN)

Ulf Richter, consultant Biogas
Upgrading of biogas to CNG/LNG for cars(PDF DE)

Huub Nooijen, Schmack Biogas
Efficiency improvement of biogas production by using microorganisms(PDF DE)

Norbert Dietz, Dietz Automation &
Biogas + Drying system = 100% heat usage(PDF DE)

15:00 Room B

Innovation in sludge and manure processing

Richard van Lijssel, Darling Ingredients International
The Biofosfaatfabriek (Bio-phosphate factory), premiere in the Dutch manure processing

Prof. Dr. Ir. Arnold van Huis, Wageningen University
Valorizing organic waste streams: insects for food and feed

Karl Dirkes, Directeur DB Technologies
Press-technique as base for (bio)waste separation(PDF EN)

Cor Susselbeek, Dorset Farmsystems
The Candy Farm, sustainable pig farming with a low cost price(PDF DE)

17:00 General conclusion under supervision of Frans Miggelbrink, room for questions, discussion and drawing conclusions.

17:30 Informal reception and bbq treats.