Company Profile

Dorset Group is a globally active production company. We develop and produce solutions for processing organic waste streams, air cleaning, electronic identification and animal housing.

Dorset was founded in 1984 by Mr. Henk Haaring for the import of Daltec feeding systems for pig feeding. In late eighties and early nineties more divisions were founded that started the development and production of a variety of machinery and electronic products. Today the group consists of three divisions, each with their own development and production. The group is globally active with a headquarters in the Netherlands.

Divisions: 3
Sales & Service Locations: 4
Employees: 100+
Management: Henk Haaring,
Herman Rietman, Henno Haaring
Founded: 1984
Founder: Henk Haaring
Head office: Aalten, The Netherlands

Three divisions

The group can be divided into three divisions, each producing their own variety of products.

Green Machines

Market leader in biomass drying equipment
About Green Machines



Electronics using radio frequency identification


Farm Systems

Air cleaning and pig farm equipment


International and Innovation

Dorset has mastered the art of detecting developments in an early stage and to have various applications ready quickly.

The Dorset Group as a whole, is known for its thrive for innovation and for operating strongly international. In order to maintain a close relationship with the customer, Dorset has a network of sales & service offices in Germany, Italy, Turkey and the United States.  

Research & Development, Engineering, Production, Sales and Service

The Dorset Group is a family enterprise at which the products are self-developed and designed, as well as self-manufactured and marketed.


Dorset Group is managed by Henk Haaring, Herman Rietman and Henno Haaring.

Henk Haaring

Herman Rietman

Henno Haaring

Head office

All divisions are united under one roof at our head office at Aalten.

Head office

Weverij 26, Aalten

The Netherlands


8:00 – 17:00 hours