Candy Farm

A modern pig farm with automated distribution of bedding from energy crop ‘Candy’

Candy is a substitute for energy maize. In contrast to sawdust is a mixture of Candy with manure extremely suitable for the production of biogas. Through daily removal of the bedding and manure mixture from the barn, the mixture maintains his optimal energy value. 

  • Animal welfare
  • No slatted floor
  • Energy crop bedding
  • Organic cultivation
  • Energy Neutral
  • Biogas
  • Biomass

Farm concept

Candy Farm is a farm concept for a newly build bedding farm with modern features.

Energy crop Candy

As bedding is dried Igniscum Candy deployed. Igniscum Candy is an energy crop that is well suited as bedding for pigs.

Candy and manure mixture

The bedding mixes with the manure of the pigs. Unlike sawdust, this mixture is very valuable for the biogas or energy production.


For more details about the concept, please contact us.