Sorti Sorting System

Sorting systems for automatic sorting by weight of pigs kept in large groups

The Sorti Sorting System consists of a sorting station with weighing platform that allows for easy sorting of individual pigs from large group at a desired weight.

The pen is divided into a staying area and two food zones. The animal can only access one of the food zones through the Sorti-system. In this set-up, the animals automatically go through sorting-system multiple times per day. 

Weight selection

Pigs that meet the selection criteria of the slaughterhouse can easily be identified and removed from the group.

Data collection

Because the pigs go several times a day through the system, data is collected and growth development can be monitored.

Color selection

The sorti can sort color-marked pigs through color selection. This way sick or trailing animals can be separated from the group.



The Sorti Sorting System


What abilities?
Which specifications?
What are the benefits?

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How does the system function?

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Options such as color recognition and the third door.

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The system allows pigs to be kept in groups of 200 to 400 animals

The system was developed in 1999 because farmers were penalized on their deliveries to the slaughterhouse. The sorti is an accurate and reliable system for delivering pigs. 

Ask our staff to draw potential pen formats for you.



Lower investment

A barn format with the Sorti System requires a lower investment than a conventional barn format.

Less work

Sorting is made significantly easier. No transport and relocation of pigs.

Accurate weight determination

Weighing is a very accurate way to determine weight.

Data analysis

The system automatically collected data about the animals.

Color selection possible

By which sick or trailing animals can be separated from the group.

Particular one-way gates 

By using particular one-way gates, it is not possible to return other than through the system.

Animal friendly

The animals have more space to roam. Due to the large group there is less fighting for authority.

Third-door option

Allows a third enclosed space to be used. This is very useful in combination with color recognition.


With pigs, robustness is an absolute requirement.

Automatic learning program

Dealing with the sorti system is automatically taught to piglets in a program, through several steps.


The system is supplied as a kit with a straightforward Ikea-like guide.


Data collection

The following data is automatically collected:

  • Average number of walk-through’s
  • Number of walk-through’s per hour
  • Average weight
  • Average growth
  • Weight distribution of the group

The software has a built-in function to calculate the number of pigs on an X number of days that have a certain weight. This information is useful when ordering transport for delivery.

Also, the operation of the system can be live monitored. Provided that internet is connected, a Dorset mechanic can remotely log in to provide faster service.

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How does it work?

A department consists of areas with different functions. There is a staying area, lying area and two food zones. The animals can only access the food zones via the sorti-system to get the right type of food. After feeding they go back to the staying and lying areas through one-way gates.

When the animals are ready for delivery, the desired selection criteria have to be indicated in the pc and a selection of the pen is closed off. The system send only those animals into the closed pen that have the desired weight. Because the animals go through the systems about three to four times a day, all the qualifying animals are send into the closed pen in a short time period.





Options ‘third-door’ and color recognition


Color recognition

By which sick or trailing animals can be separated from the group.

You mark the pig with a sprayer and turn on color recognition at the PC and select to which exit you want to send the marked pig. Subsequently, the animal is automatically sorted out as soon as it passes through the system.


Allows a third enclosed space can be used. This is very useful in combination with color recognition.