About Dorset Green Machines

Dorset Green Machines is a globally operating machine manufacturer. We develop and produce solutions for processing organic waste streams.






Drying with waste heat

We process the waste streams by drying with use of residual heat. Commonly used concepts are:

  • Drying poultry manure with use of stable air
  • Drying digestate with use of waste heat from CHP cooling water
  • Drying sewage sludge with use of waste heat from energy production
  • Drying woodchips with waste heat from energy production

Proven functionality

These concepts have proven their functionality over the years. With over 500 installations running, Dorset Green Machines is one of the most experienced dryer manufacturing companies in the world.

Purpose of drying

Drying significantly reduces storage and transport costs, while increasing fuel capacity. When drying poultry manure, it provides a healthier environment around the farm area. The dried product can be sold as valuable organic fertilizer or used as fuel for green energy or can be processed further.

Further processing

Further treatment of the dried product can be performed through pelletizing. Dorset manufactures complete pelletizing plants in plug-and-play container solutions. Custom made solutions can be provided as well. Pelletizing makes the manure more marketable and significantly decreases the volume, which results in further lower transport and storage costs. Sanitation can be included to make the pelletized fertiliser suitable for export.

Total solution

One company for all aspects. Dorset has its own R&D, Engineering, production, sales and service departments. Therefore the communication is fast and easy. Dorset has its own line of air cleaning equipment. Air cleaning is often required to comply to local regulations.

Company goal

The original goal in 1996, while founding Dorset Green Machines, was to develop a drying equipment in order to solve the manure problems the Dutch pig farmers were having. The problems were due to overproduction of manure compared to the amount of farm land available. The goal of Dorset to this day similar but expanded to a more general territory: solving organic waste problems by providing solution for commercially attractive processing of these streams.

Latest development

Our latest development is the pyrolysis plant, turning dried (pelletized) manure into 50% oil/gas and 50% ashes. The oil and gas provide fuel for creating green energy through combustion. The ashes can be used/sold as a concentrated organic fertiliser.

Part of Dorset Group

Dorset Green Machines is part of Dorset Group – About Dorset Group. Dorset Group was founded at Aalten in 1984. Its main production facilities and engineering department are still located in The Netherlands. The sales and service departments are spread through various locations across Europe.