Using residual heat

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Dorset dryers allow you to make efficient use of residual heat. This heat is deployed for drying a broad range of products.

Residual heat is the energy that is dissipated in a process. By capturing this heat and making it useful, for instance in a dryer, the heat is converted into value and makes a contribution to sustainability. Furthermore, the use of waste heat is financially stimulated by the governments of many countries.

Dorset has been building dryers for the agricultural and industrial sectors since 1996. With its experience and know-how, Dorset can offer overall concepts for the drying of chicken manure, digestate, sewage sludge and separated manure from calves, as well as maize, alfalfa, grass, sawdust and wood chips.

The advantages of drying

  • Making good use of residual heat during the entire year;
  • Lower treatment, storage and transport costs;
  • New sales and utilization possibilities;
  • Hygienization, reduced emissions and reduced odours