Dust catcher


Since more than a year the pilot plant was commissioned at a biogas plant Istrup in Westfalen.

For their air cleaning system an extra dust catcher was installed. It was installed in front of the existing air cleaner. This setup ensures a cleaner air going into the air cleaner. Because of this setup the cleaning intervals on the air cleaner could be improved and also maintenance became easier. Are you curious for the results? Visit our website.

The digestate dryer, type RM18, at Istrup has been installed 4 years ago and has a heat consumption of 500 kW. For over a year the dust catcher has been added. Owner and operator, Josef Krawinkel, is very positive about the dust catcher. The system ensured longer cleaning intervals. “Previously I was cleaning the system every 2 months, with the dust catcher that has been reduced to every twelve months. So the interval was improved 6 times”. Clearly the modification has success. “Furthermore we also make sure to control the sprayers on a regular basis to make sure the dust catcher is always performing and we maximize the heat consumption”, thus Josef Krawinkel.

If you are interested you can contact sales (Carla Kreeftenberg or Gerben Groot Roessink) via gm@dorset.nu or call +31 (0) 543 472103.