Measuring pressure drop

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There is an easy way to check if the air cleaner needs a clean-up or to predict a future clean-up.

Every air cleaning system needs to be fully cleaned after a certain period. The length of the period depends on the type of product being dried, the size of the system and the volume of the air. If the air cleaner is not properly and regularly cleaned, it will cause unnecessary alarms, high water consumption and wear and tear on the pumps.

How does it work?

In the picture below you can see 2 points. If you measure the pressure in these two area’s you can calculate the difference between the two. The difference represents the pressure drop over the air cleaning system. By measuring every week and writing down the values in a log book you can monitor the condition of the system over time and use this information to timely plan a clean-up stop.

Measuring the pressure is easily done with a pressure measurement device. If you calculated the value (difference between point 1 and 2) results in 30 to 40 Pa (Pascal) your system is in good condition. If the value is 50 Pascal or higher then your system is in need of a clean-up.


If you have any questions. Our service team is ready to explain more about measuring the pressure drop and recording and predicting values. We can of course take orders for a pressure measurement device if you would require one. Please contact us for the price and conditions of this service offering at +31 (0) 543-745492 or by email at