Meet our team

We would like to introduce our team to you. Meet our field service engineer Robert.

Robert joined Dorset Green Machines in 2010 as a field service engineer. Through his years of experience, he is an all-rounder and performs service, commissioning and assembly. The all-round employability of Robert makes him a valuable mechanic for our customers and for Dorset.

Robert: “I find the best thing about my work, despite the fact that all machines are basically the same, that there is so much variety. Many customers have the same machine, but every customer has to deal with varying factors. Because of this I often have to act problem solving and that gives me a real challenge. I also think it is great to have so much contact with the customers, especially when I see that they understand the machines more and more and become enthusiastic about them“.

It is interesting to note that Robert’s wife also works at Dorset. She works in the department where the control cabinets are developed and built. This is great example of how Dorset has developed into a family business not only at board level but with all its employees.