Remote Access

The Remote Access system provides worldwide accessibility to your drying plant.

This means that regardless of your location you can monitor the performance of your plant and adjust any settings.

Why choose Remote Access?

  • You can access and monitor your plant anywhere in the world. Do you live far from your drier? Is so you can receive alarms at night, and also reset those alarms directly. Alternatively if you employ operators on day/night shifts we can support those operators by phone in resolving any issues.
  • With Remote Access capabilities you can solve issues faster, this results in less downtime and a better performing machine.
  • In addition Remote Access provides Dorset headquarters in Aalten (Netherlands) with the ability to monitor the system in real time when an alarm is present. Besides real time monitoring we can also provide over the air software updates. This reduces the amount of travel by service engineers.
  • By using Remote Access you will experience faster service and less downtime and therefore higher yields from your system.


Our software engineers made the Remote Access system user friendly. Only two steps are necessary to access your system. We will show you now how that works:

Step 1: Click on the link we have sent to you by email. You will see a log in screen.

Step 2: You now have access to your HMI panel. This is a real time connection, adjustments of settings will be directly activated and stored in the PLC. You will feel as if you are in front of your drier.


Are you interested in the system or do you have questions about our Remote Access? Please contact our service department

Note: Remote Access Service is not available on all systems. The systems eligible for Remote Access are the Siemens ET200S with a TP700 HMI Touchscreen.