Pellet production



To produce a marketable and visually attractive organic fertilizer (or another product), the material can be pelletized. Hygienization is frequently required for export. Dorset has many years of experience in the delivery of turnkey dryer installations, including a pelletizing facility and a packaging unit. Pelletizing is the process of condensing the material into pellets by means of pressing.

Frequently used processing methods for dried material are:

  • Pelletizing,
  • Hygienization,
  • Weighing and
  • Packaging.

The advantages of pelletizing

  • Reduction in volume
  • Visually more attractive
  • Improved marketability
  • Hygienization
  • Transport-ready product



The dried product in a pelletized form is subjected to a temperature of 70° C for one hour, after which it is germfree. Pellets are a well-known and exportable organic fertilizer.

Packaging and transport

As a pelletized product, it is possible to transport the fertilizer over greater distances. Dorset delivers weighing systems, which can be used for filling and weighing big bags, as well as filling installations for buckets or bags.

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