GR250The TROVAN GR-250 High Performance Portable Reader for the Trovan® unique transponder is designed specifically to meet the most demanding environments, such as marine research applications and animal shelters applications. Foremost is the need to quickly locate and accurately read a microchip, if there is one present in the animal or the object, under adverse conditions. For this reason, read range and read area coverage have been maximized. This enables operators to quickly locate and read the microchip, even if it is not located where expected due to misapplication and even if the scanning time is severely limited.


Unruly animals and harried work conditions often cause the reader to be dropped or knocked off a counter onto the floor. The reader may be hosed down to insure sanitary conditions. And when the reader is used in the field, it is similarly subjected to very harsh conditions. For these reasons, the GR-250 reader case is manufactured with heavy duty ABS and glass-filled polycarbonates that are securely fastened together. It is sealed to prevent moisture, caustic chemicals, and salt air from intruding inside the case and damaging the electronics. The handle and trigger have a rugged, ergonomic design to minimize losing grasp on the reader.


Typical applications:

  • Animal identification