LID573-KEY Series

Specification LID573-KEYLID572-KEY

This version of the LID573 series reader is equipped with a 4 button foil to enable the user to add information to an ID number.


This reader can be used in logistic applications where goods are delivered and returned. In animal applications where data such as ‘# new born’ are stored together with the ID number of the mother, weight can be added, etc. But also to record working times.

The icons on the buttons can be customised according to the requirements.


Via the PC software you can create your own menu with selection fields and number entry. Software to extract the data from the memory to Excel for further evaluation is also available.


The LID573-KEY can also be equiped, on request, with a Bluetooth module enabling wiresless communication. Information can be send to a PC, and the PC can write information back onto the LCD of the LID573-KEY reader.

The LID573-KEY has an expansion connector. In time boards for Zigbee™, mass storage etc. might become available.

There are 3 types available:

  • LID573-KEY:
    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Trovan® Flex only.
  • LID573-KEY-ISO:
    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Flex, ISO FDX-B, HDX, Destron, AVID (fecava), PSK1 and PSK2 transponders. (64bit ASK on request)
    Reads the same types as the LID573-KEY-ISO version but can also read the AVID Encrypted tags.

Like the LID560, the LID573-KEY, has a two tone coloured housing. The tone coloured housing has a detachable pocketclip.

The top colour is squirrel grey (RAL7000) and the bottom colour is anthracite grey (RAL7016).

Typical applications:

  • Animal identification
  • Guard control
  • Theft prevention
  • Industrial applications


  • USB port at bottom, USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • 9600baud IrDa Infra Red serial port for serial communication
  • LC-Display with backlight
  • Clock/calendar with lithium battery backup
  • pocket/belt clip
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 PC software


  • Bluetooth wireless communication Bluetooth
  • EEprom memory expansion to 512kb
  • EEprom memory expansion to 1024kb. 

Pheripheral equipment:

  • Carry case
  • Protection boot
  • IR1020 IrDa to RS232 converter for connection to PC’s without IRDA port
  • Rechargeble 9V/150mAh NiMH battery
  • Battery charger for 2ea 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries