LID575 Series

LID575Our midrange handheld reader with USB interface and a lot of possibilities!

The LID575 has the same features as the LID573 but with a larger antenna which gives a better reading distance and a larger detection area.

The LID575 uses USB to communicate to a PC.

Users that have written their own application for the LID573 can use the LID575 without any modifications. The command summary for this reader is identical.
Especially large amounts of data can be transferred more rapid, and due to the higher clock speed of the processor, searching data is done quicker.

The battery voltage is realtime measured and shown on the LCD



The LID575 can also be equiped, on request, with a Bluetooth module enabling wiresless communication. Information can be send to a PC, and the PC can write information back onto the LCD of the LID575 reader.


The LID575 as an expansion connector. In time boards for WiFi, Zigbee™, mass storage etc. might become available.


There are 3 types available:

  • LID575:
    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Trovan® Flex only.
  • LID575-ISO:
    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Flex, ISO FDX-B, Destron, AVID (fecava), HDX, PSK1 and PSK2 transponders. (64bit ASK on request)
  • LID575-MULTI:
    Reads the same types as the LID575-ISO version but can also read the AVID Encrypted tags.

Like our other portable readers, LID575 has a two tone coloured housing. The top colour is squirrel grey (RAL7000) and the bottom colour is distant blue (RAL5023).


LID575_horseTypical applications:

  • Animal identification
  • Theft prevention
  • Industrial applications



  • USB port at bottom, USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • LC-Display with backlight
  • Clock/calendar with lithium battery backup
  • Windows XP/7 PC software



  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • EEprom memory expansion to 512kb
  • EEprom memory expansion to 1024kb.


Pheripheral equipment:

  • Carrycase
  • Rechargeble AA NiMH battery
  • Battery charger for AA NiMH rechargeable batteries