Psion LID-WAP RFID Module

Psion Workabout ProLID-WAPThe LID-WAP decoder is especially designed for the PSION Workabout Pro.

It is easy to install on the 100 pin High speed expansion interface.

The LID-WAP can read all Trovan® unique & Flex transponders as well as Destron/Fecava, AVID, ISO FDX-B, PSK1, PSK2 and EM4102 transponders.

The LID-WAP uses the 3,3V internal power supply of the PSION WAP.


There are 2 types available:

    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Trovan® Flex only.
    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Flex, ISO FDX-B, Destron, AVID (fecava), ASK, PSK1 and PSK2 transponders.


About the PSION Workabout Pro: 

  • Combines RFID read capability and barcode scanning with keypad data entry.
  • Compact, ergonomic package fits comfortably in one hand.
  • Colour touch screen.
  • Windows CE.NET operating system.
  • Optional Windows Pocket PC2003 operating system.
  • Rugged mobile computer technology.
  • Large range of optional accessories and battery configurations.
  • 400MHz Processor
  • Bluetooth connectivity as standard
  • Optional 802.11 Wifi interface available.
  • Can be used with Li-Ion, AA alkaline or NiMh battery technology.
  • USB and docking station ports as standard.


Typical applications:

  • Track and tracing
  • Asset and inventory managment
  • Livestock managment
  • Animal identification
  • Industrial applications 


Workabout pro dimensions:

  • Length: 222mm
  • Width: 76mm
  • Weight: 530g (incl. battery and laser scanner)