LID1260 Desktop reader

LID1260The LID1260 is a desk reader that can read all Trovan® transponder types.
It has a large 2×16 character LCD in the front with backlight and a viewing area of 99 x 24 mm. 

The LID1260 reader supports our custom name assignment feature. This means that instead of the 10 digit unique hexadecimal ID number a custom code of max. 16 characters can be shown on the second row of the LCD. The link between the Trovan® unique ID number and the custom name can be made by using the PC software. The created table can be uploaded to the LID1260 reader. If there is not a custom code assigned the normal unique 10 digit hexadecimal code will be shown.


Technical Specifications:

  • Reads Trovan® Unique and Trovan® Flex transponders
  • Up to 20 cm reading distance with the ID100 transponder
  • 220VAC / 50Hz or 110VAC / 60Hz, selectable by voltage selector
  • Standard mains IEC power inlet with on/off switch
  • LCD 2 x 16 characters with backlight, viewing area of 99 x 24 mm
  • Max. dimensions: 29 x 22 x 29 cm
  • Weight: 2,3Kg.
  • RS232, 1200……57.600 baud, Sub-D-9 pin male connector
  • Buzzer on board
  • EEprom for data storage, 5400 slots without data/time stamp, 2900 with data/time stamp.
  • Windows95/98/NT/XP PC software with Dbase function for access control applications


Options (to be specified at order):

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • RS485 2-wire networkable
  • Real-time clock/calendar