TM613-4 multiplexed antenna driver

TM613-4The TM613-4 multiplexed antenna driver board is specially designed for connecting upto 4 single coil antennae to one LID650 decoder. The LID650 decoder can be mounted on top of the TM613-4 driver board.

The TM613-4 multi antenna driver can be used for this projects where no maximum reading speed is required. The decoder will trigger the 4 antennas one after the other and will keep track of the ID’s in the different antenna fields.

The TM613-4 has also a 24VDC powersupply input which gives to ability to connect a LID650 decoder to a 24VDC powersupply.


All applications where more reading points are required in industrie and maximum reading speed is not required.

Technical specifications

Dimensions TM613-4 board only

Supply Voltage 14,5-24Volt dc
100 x 100 x 17mm



  • DIN Rail mountable (See also image of pcb in DIN Rail module)
  • Expension port for optional connections like Bluetooth or WiFi module