LID57x support

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Toolbox PC Software LID57x for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download the 30 day trial version:



Toolbox contains the following components:

  • Soft 57x, standard PC software
  • History extractor, small tool for downloading data
  • Menu Creator, software for the LID572 4-button version
  • Bluetooth wizard, software for LID57x with Bluetooth module
  • Bootloader to update firmware LID572 and LID575 by USB
  • Tools for Excel, direct communication with LID572/LID575 from Exel 2007/2010


Registered users can use the download as an update.

Unlimited version can be obtained for free by filling in registration form after installation of the trial version.



  • Extra message screens when options like the WEDGE feature are selected.
  • Wedge feature, read ID number can directly be transferred to any Windows application
  • Pop up screen, read ID number can be shown directly on PC screen
  • Systray icon, application can run in the background
  • On line lookup in custom table
  • Memory analyzer

For new features and/or bug fix information see:


Software manual:


LID571 User manual download:


LID57(x) User manual and driver download:

Please contact us for further information or availability of the latest software version.