Eurotier 2016 – many visitors

7 December 2016

EuroTier, the largest agricultural fair in Europe, took place last week in Hanover.

Dorset was present with two booths. People from 57 different countries have visited our stands.

In particular, the full-scale pellet plant on the stand proved to be a good crowd puller.

Dorset present at Eurotier 2016

9 November 2016


Dorset will be present in hall 25 (biogas) at booth F25  and in hall 17 (poultry) at booth A49.

EuroTier is the world’s leading trade show for animal husbandry and livestock management which attracts exhibitors from all over the world to present their innovations for cattle, pig and poultry farming as well as in the fields of aquaculture, sheep and goat rearing and livery yards.

The fair takes place from 15 – 18 November 2016 in Hanover, Germany. EuroTier provides a comprehensive overview of innovative technology, services and genetics for modern animal husbandry.

Please visit us for any of our products such as:

  • Drying Biomass
  • Sewagde sludge
  • Biosolids production
  • A small scale model of the toploader loading system
  • Pyrolyse
  • Gasification
  • Pelletising factory
  • Air cleaning
  • Denitrification
  • A small scale model of the Candy farm (a bedding farm with energy production)
  • Organic fertilizer production
  • Electronic animal identification
  • Electronic goods tracking

New digestate dryer Saerbeck at Münster in operation

15 July 2016

Since May 2016, the new container dryer for digestate in Bioenergiepark Saerbeck is in operation. The digestate dryer with air purification dries daily about 16 tons of liquid digestate and converts it to the dried granulate-like and quality fertilizer. The digestate comes from renewable raw materials, ie maize, pig manure, grass – all substrates come from the immediate vicinity of the plant. The dried digestate is marketed either in handy 5 liter pails or in 20 liter bags.

Quote from the homepage of the Klimakommune Saerbeck:

The 7200-inhabitant municipality Saerbeck in the heart of the Münsterland (NRW) has been involved for years in climate protection and energy policy. She has driven the switch to renewable energy, now produces a multitude of its own electricity needs from wind, solar and biomass, and continuously pursues the goal of CO2 neutrality. The Saerbeck projects of bioenergy park, the Transparent heating system and energy adventure trail attract visitors from around the world.“ He adds:

As part of the annual event “Fortschrittmotor Klimatschutz 2016 – Excellent pioneering” on June 23, 2016 in Dusseldorf the project “Klimakommune Saerbeck” has been incorporated into the ranks of the best projects in NRW. Until 2022 the KlimaExpo.NRW selects annually twelve flagship projects in North Rhine-Westphalia and reveals the positive effects of climate protection to a wide audience.“ (


DSC08479 v2
DSC08485 v2

Dorset will be present at the Festa do Ovo in Bastos, Brasil

12 July 2016

Dorset will be present at the 57th Festa do Ovo, the poultry feast at Bastos in Brasil. The event will be held at Associação Cultural Esportiva Rural de Bastos (Rua Duque de Caxias, 704 – Centro) from the 15th – 17th of July 2016.

You can find us at stand 48.

For more information about Festa do Ovo, please click here (Portugese).

We look forward to seeing you there.


Dorset participating in manure processing development in Spain

20 June 2016


The project, LIFE Smart Fertirrigation, aims to demonstrate the environmental and economic feasibility of an innovative approach to processing digestate from pig manure at biogas plants.

This project aims to demonstrate that digestate can be used as a high-quality, suitable and safe biofertiliser by focusing on three specific goals:
1. Increase the recycling of natural resources in digestate: Apply an innovative approach to treatment in order to recover the liquid fraction with its natural nutrients for direct injection into irrigation systems. By being able to apply precise volumes of natural liquid fertilisers when needed, farmers will obtain harvests at much lower costs.
2. Substitute mineral fertilisers, lowering their negative impact on the environment: The environmental impact of Nitrogen and Phosphorous present in manufactured fertilizers will be neutralised, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing soil acidification and eutrophication.
3. Reduce phosphorous levels in pig manure by testing innovative enzymes in feed: Due to swine intestines’ incapacity to digest phosphate present in pig feed, about 90% of phosphorous content is released in their manure. Innovative phytase enzymes can significantly reduce excreted phosphate in manure preventing over-enrichment.
In this way our project will provide significant cost savings to farmers and new income for biogas producers through the enhanced use of natural resources, substitution of the use of mineral fertiliser and minimization of the environmental footprint of agriculture.

To start, the integral digestate system will be designed, a selection of the fields where trials where the liquid fertilizer will be tested and farmers to trial the phytase-enhanced pig diets will be carried out. The trials will take place during the majority of the project’s duration and will be closely monitored to measure impact and results. In order to guarantee a fluent execution of the project, all team members will be responsible for managing the project and for communication and dissemination activities.

For more information, please visit