Dorset Update

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Dorset Update full (pdf)

Heat utilisation for drying biomass: organic fertilizers or fuels


Dorset Update page 1 (pdf)

Drying and Exhaust Air Cleaning: important Pillars of a Sustainable Agriculture.


Dorset Update page 2 (pdf)

Costs saved, image improved: Interview with Henk Haaring, managing director of the Dorset Group.


Dorset Update page 3 (pdf)

Convincing heat utilization concept: belt dryer facilitates the transport and storage of fertilizers.

Practical solution for liquid fertilizer.


Dorset Update page 4 (pdf)

Drying of solids: Seperated digistate as a perfect bedding material.

Drying of solid and liquid digestate: Dryer at Karp Biopower combines backmixing and separation.


Dorset Update page 5 (pdf)

The Dutch fertilizer producer MeMon uses increasing amounts of dried digestate: We buy your dried digestate and process it for export.


Dorset Update page 6 (pdf)

Successful application: at Enagra in Monzelfel/Altricht, digestate from the biogas plant is transformed.

Introduced: Dorset-Partner Enagra from Trier.


Dorset Update page 7 (pdf)

Dorset Investments: leasing instead of buying

Innovation with a high potential: the belt dryer Piccolo offers a heat utilization concept for smaller biogas plants


Dorset Update page 8 (pdf)

Another kind of recycling: In Bavaria, sewage sludge is upgraded to a high-quality fuel.

How digestate is transformed into fuel briquettes: 4 floor-Dryer in Cloppenburg produces a demanded raw material for operators of power plants.


Dorset Update page 9 (pdf)

Succesful start into the dry decade: 4 floor-dryer at Dietz Automation sucessfully produces bio-fuels.


Dorset Update page 10 (pdf)

Interesting development: Dorset-dryer Cascata thickens digestate.

Biological exhaust air cleaning.


Dorset Update page 11 (pdf)

Drying of chicken manure: clean technology for large layer companies.

Reduction of fine dust: An important topic (not only) in the Netherlands.


Dorset Update page 12 (pdf)

Dorset Service Team.

Dorset Identification: a wide range of transponders and reading devices.