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Here is an overview of how Dorset equipment can support you in further improving your Black Soldier Fly larvae production. Insect production is a fast growing business, that relies heavily on machinery and other technical equipment. Dorset can help you in processing frass, reducing air emissions and reducing energy consumption from heating.


We frequently receive requests for support from innovators working on insect production. Breeding larvae itself is difficult enough, but there are also problems with the climate, permissions and what to do with the residue streams. Dorset can help with some of these ancillary issues. 

Reduce energy consumption

When production rooms require heating, the outside air is cooler than inside air. When air is being refreshed, the outgoing air still has room temperature. The heat recovery unit transfers the heat from outgoing air to ingoing air. This reduces energy required for heating.

Reduce emissions

Air cleaning systems have been used for decades to reduce emissions from farming. The emissions are similar to emissions from BSF production, such as dust, ammonia and odour. 

Frass processing

Frass from BSF production is still wet and therefore difficult to store, transfer or sell. Drying frass reduces weight and emissions and prepares the product for sale, while containing the nutrients.

Pelleting and sanitation

After drying, frass can be pelletised (compressed into a pellet) and sanitised (stored temporarily kept at high temperature) to make the product usefull for customers and in accordance with regulations. Dorset has a plug-and-play concept including all that is required for an automatic pelleting line including sanitation.

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