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New development project focussed on N-stripping manure

Dorset is further developing a N-Stripping machine as participant of the FERTIMANURE project. The machine intents to optimize creating useful fertilizing products from processed cattle manure.

FERTIMANURE is an EU-project in which 20 partner cooperate in the field of nutrients recovery.

The ambition of FERTIMANURE is to cover both technological approach for nutrient recovery and nutrient management. To this end, the technological approach will be covered by the implementation of 5 innovative & integrated nutrient recovery on-farm experimental pilots in the most relevant European countries in terms of livestock production (Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands).

The pilot in the Netherlands evolves around processing cattle manure.

The project has started in 2020 and the duration is 4 years. For further information, please visit the project website:

FERTIMANURE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 Research & Innovation programme under grant agreement No 862849

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