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Drying fish residues for sustainable fish farming

This project is aimed at the development of a sustainable technology for processing locally caught fish residues into raw material for fish feed, so that a circularly farmed trout can be produced in the eastern Netherlands.

The project uses an innovative conserving method and a climate neutral drying process. The benefits are preservation of nutrients in the fish feed, reduction of energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

This is the initiative of 4 partners: Twentevis, Fish Partners, Dorset Green Machines and Trelkwekerij ‘t Smallert, who complement each other well. The project represents various chain expertise of the fish sector: fish farming, feed production, production technology, fish processing and sales and marketing.

The reason for this project is formed by various elements.

  1. The reuse of fish residues from the processing of sea fish caught in high-quality fish feed for the circular farming of fish;
  2. Reducing damaging flows of fish food and fish products that have to be supplied over long distances;
  3. Providing an alternative source of income for the agricultural sector that is struggling with high CO2 emissions.

This project – Circular collaborative project for sustainable fish farming in the East Netherlands ”PROJ-01015 – receives a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

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