Full nutrient recovery from digestate
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Video: digestate fully processed without losing nutrients

A new project was constructed in Alviksgarden, Sweden with a unique concept: full nutrient recovery. The raw digestate is processed into clean water and organic fertilizer pellets containing all the nutrients that were present in the raw digestate.

These results can be achieved by having the raw digestate separated in liquid fraction and solid fraction by a separator. The liquid fraction is processed by an evaporator, which results in clean water and another stream of solid fraction. The solid fractions from the separator and evaporator are then dried to 85% dry matter by the drying equipment. After drying the digestate is pressed into a pellet and is ready for use as organic fertilizer.

This process has great end products and is optimized for heat consumption.

Separating the liquid digestate into a liquid fraction and solid fraction

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Evaporating the liquid fraction from the separator into clean water and a solid fraction

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Drying the solid fractions from evaporator and separator

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Pelleting and sanitation of the dried digestate to create an organic fertilizer suitable for export

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