Access control

For access control application the ID200 can be used on a keyring or you can use the ID400 credit card transponder. The ID1500 transponder that can be mounted directly to a keyring. Both transponders hold an 64 bit code that is world wide unique.
For more information on the ‘Trovan Access Guard‘ software follow the link.


ID 400 series HandsFree™ Card

Put it in your pocket and forget about it

  • No battery in card
  • Forgery and tamper-proof code
  • 550 billion unique code combinations
  • Fits in industry-standard mag stripe readers
  • ISO compliant with respect to flexibility, durability


Available with the following additional features:

  • mag stripe (high density or low density mag stripe)
  • custom printing (logos, text and pictures)
  • slot for use with standard ID badge clips
  • Dimensions: 85,6 x 53,97x 0,85 mm



  • Reading system: Trovan read-only
  • Operational frequency: 128 kHz typical
  • Operating and Storage temperature: -35°C up to 80°C
  • Packaging protection class: IP 20
  • Reading distance: up to 15 cm