Animal identification

custom animal identification solutions

various systems to identify all kinds of animals varying from small insects to large mammals

In the past decades, Dorset ID has made various systems to identify all kinds of animals varying from small insects to large mammals. Our decoders (handheld & stationary) are used all over the world to collect data on different species and help protect them. 

Below you’ll find some examples of animal identification systems, for more information please contact us…

Bird identification

In this project with Wageningen University, we have used panel antennas placed in the pop holes to detect which chickens actually use the pop holes. Are chickens that live in the back of the stable also using this opportunity to go outside? Are bushes in front of the pop holes helping to overcome fear to go outside? These questions can be answered by using a passive tag on the birds leg and the LID650 decoder.

Fish Identification

The Migromat® is an Eel monitoring system that is placed near hydropower plants. As soon as the eels start migrating their swimming behaviour is starting to alter which is reason to change the position of the paddles to a more eel friendly position allowing them to pass the power plants unharmed.

Custom build, waterproof, antennas and LID650 decoders in a RS485 network are collecting the required data to monitor the behaviour.

Bird identification 2

Feeding behaviour of Blue- and Great Tit birds are monitored using small glass tags in a leg ring. The nest boxes are equipped with ANTC40 antennas (with optional optical sensors to determine direction) and data is collected on the LID665 decoder.

Bird identification 3

To gather more information we have also made feeding systems that can give access to food on certain days and times.

These systems can also be equipped with scales to automatically collect weight of the birds as well.