Using waste heat the entire year

Dorset has developed a concept for using the residual heat at biogas installations.

Dorset has developed a concept for using the residual heat at biogas installations. By deploying a Dorset Dryer, use can be made of its residual heat during the entire year. The Dorset Dryer can, amongst others, be used for drying digestate.

The drying installation is designed to use residual heat in a highly cost-effective way. In case of a biogas installation, the drying installation replaces the emergency cooler. With a 500 KW installation, for instance, only two ventilators are used, which means that electricity consumption hardly rises. The airflow through the product is kept extremely low, so as to prevent dust from being generated. When drying digestate, it is also necessary to clean the air.

marketleader in digestate drying equipment

The most commonly used system, because it offers the best value for money

Benefits of the Dorset dryer

Low energy consumption

Highly compact and flexible

Requires little maintenance

Fully automatic operation without supervision is possible

Through the remixing function, a pre- treatment of the digestate is not necessary

Low dust generation through low air speed

Why dry digestate?

  • Making good use of residual heat during the entire year
  • Lower storage and transport costs
  • New sales and utilization possibilities
  • hygienization and reduced emissions/odours

End product

Depending on the input and the techniques used, various end products can be achieved.

Separated and dried material

Remixed and dried material

 Dried and pelleted material

Possibilities for using dried digestate

Wet digestate can be converted into dry and valuable biomass for green energy.

Other tried and tested possibilities are using it as an organic fertilizer (agricultural nutrient) or as litter in stable boxes.

Dried digestate as litter for stable boxes

Dried digestate as litter in stable boxes


For more information about the drying of digestate, please read our brochure.