drying (liquid) manure

Part of the humidity in the manure can be removed through the drying process. The volume can be reduced to 1/10 of the original volume of the manure.

Dorset has many years of experience in drying (liquid) manure. The warm air which is required for this process can be supplied by using either farmhouse air or residual heat from the generation of electricity.

Drying helps to reduce both the processing and transport costs. The dried end product still contains many minerals and is therefore a good nutrient for plants.

preserve minerals

The dried end product still contains many minerals

Benefits of the Dorset dryer

Low energy consumption

Highly compact and flexible

Requires little maintenance

Fully automatic operation without supervision is possible

Through the remixing function, a pre- treatment of the digestate is not necessary

Low dust generation through low air speed

Why dry manure?

  • Making good use of residual heat during the entire year
  • Lower storage and transport costs
  • New sales and utilization possibilities
  • hygienization and reduced emissions/odours

End product

Depending on the input and the techniques used, various end products can be achieved.

Separated and dried material

 Dried and pelleted material


For more information about the treatment of manure, please read our brochures.