dorset dryers

Several different types of Dorset Dryers are available

The choice depends on the desired capacity and the material that needs to be dried.

The choice depends on the desired capacity and the material that needs to be dried. After careful consultation, a decision is made on what type and design of Dorset Dryer suits the customer. Depending on the circumstances, this will result in either a customized dryer or a standard unit.

Benefits of the Dorset dryer

Low energy consumption

Highly compact and flexible

Requires little maintenance

Fully automatic operation without supervision is possible

Through the remixing function, a pre- treatment of the digestate is not necessary

Low dust generation through low air speed

What variables to consider?

Relevant variables that are possible in the design of the dryer include (among others):

  • Remixing capacity, separation, or a combination of both
  • Multiple layer drying or single layer drying
  • Container placement (outdoors) or placement in the production hall (indoors)
  • Transport conveyors or jack screws

dedicated solutions for various markets

We focus on making the best functioning solution for markets problems.
Handeling a certain product often requires a dedicated solution.

Digestate dryer in container


Market leader in digestate drying equipment

poultry manure drying system in Brasil

Poultry manure

Drying manure with farm house air

sewage sludge drying

Sewage sludge

Cost efficiently creating biosolids

liquid residue drying system

Liquid manure

Liquid manure treatment for farm and industry

Dryer dosing wood on belt


Drying wood, woodchips or sawdust

Biomass being dried


Equipment for drying biomass

plate belt dryers

Our dryers are belt dryers that use a belt made of metal plates

The Dorset drying system uses plate belts. These belts consist of perforated steel plates that are linked to one another. The steel plates are pulled around by a roller chain.

Dispensing the digestate starts on the top layer, after which the product is transported through the dryer via the plate-belt. During this process, warm air is pulled through the plates and product. The plates have been galvanized and powder-coated, in order to provide sufficient protection against aggressive substances.

Because the belt is made of steel plates, it can carry a high layer of product on top. A high layer of product is important for drying efficiency.  If the system is operated properly, the steel plates will not require cleaning.

Continues improvement

We continue to develop our dryers so as to improve their performance and cost-effectiveness.