Using waste heat the entire year

Residual heat can be used throughout the year for drying sewage sludge.

Sewage sludge deposits frequently pose difficulties for water treatment stations. Drying sludge may provide a solution. Dorset has practical experience with the drying of sewage sludge.

This is a sustainable and cost-effective way of recycling sewage sludge into fuel. Our sludge dryers are frequently provided with Dorset Biologic Air Washers, which reduce odour emissions to the set standards.

As a manufacturer of air washers, Dorset can simply install an air washer or deliver it with the equipment.

practical experience with drying sewage sludge

A sustainable and cost-effective way of recycling sewage sludge into fuel or biosolids

Benefits of the Dorset dryer

Low energy consumption

Highly compact and flexible

Requires little maintenance

Fully automatic operation without supervision is possible

Dewatered sludge can be dried without intermediate treatment

Low dust generation through low air speed

Why dry sludge?

  • Making good use of residual heat during the entire year
  • Lower storage and transport costs
  • New sales and utilization possibilities
  • hygienization and reduced emissions/odours

Possibilities for using dried sewage sludge

Dried sewage sludge is regularly used as a fuel or biosolids

After dewatering the sludge, a dry matter percentage of between 18 and 22% will usually remain. After drying sewage sludge with a Dorset Dryer, a dry matter content of 90% can be achieved.

Dried sewage sludge in the toploader

Dried sewage sludge in a storage bunker


For more information about the drying of sludge, please read our brochure.


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