Green Machines

Service deparment


provides service on all equipment delivered by Dorset Green Machines, whatever the location or reason might be

By now there are over 800 Dorset drying systems operating in the field. For these we have a dedicated service team of skilled professionals ready to provide advice, training and support.

Our service team distinguishes itself by competitive rates and extensive experience. You will be speak with and be visited by mechanics that have several years of experience with servicing Dorset drying installations.

The Dorset Mechanic
will get the job done

service hotlines

Dorset Service desk
+31 (0) 543 745402

Dorset Service desk for Germany
+49 (0) 33925 909545

Emergency Service Line
available outside office hours (6:00 – 22:00)
+31 (0) 6 53578323

Dorset Service E-mail

Dorset service department cars
Remote support for drying system

remote support

If the necessary infrastructure is in place, Dorset engineers are capable of looking into the system through an internet connection.

Using this remote access, a specialist can start directly with troubleshooting and operational assistance, without having to travel long distances.

on-site visits

The Dorset GM Service Team provides service visits at drying systems at any client given site. These visits are performed against sharp rates and done by professionals with each several years of experience on servicing drying systems.

We provide service visits for

  • optimization
  • periodic inspection
  • maintenance
  • repair service
  • training
  • temporary technical support
On site visit by service mechanic
Spare parts packed for transport

Spare parts

Contact our Service desk by E-mail or phone any spare parts you might need.

Spare parts are shipped out on a daily basis. We strive for processing purchases the same day. Most spare parts are readily available in our storages in The Netherlands. An individual list of parts for your machine can be found in the back of the machine manual. Each individual machine manuals are also available as a digitally copy at our service desk.

Service contracts

Dorset Green Machines Service Department has various options for service contracts available, depending on the needs and wishes of the customer. The most basic version provides a semi-annual inspection of your plant.

Service contracts are an exellent way of reducing risks and ensuring your plant is running at maximum capacity.


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