Dust washer

Dust washing air from the poultry house

The Dorset Dust Washer can sustainably remove dust from air despite high dust amount and feathers

The Dorset Dust Washer is specifically designed for removing dust from air leaving the poultry house. This type of air usually contains very high dust amounts which cannot be processed by regular dust removal systems.

Market demand for dust washing solutions is as high as it has ever been due to increasing pressure by government demands. Our system is now past the test phase and ready for practise. The system was presented to the public at the Eurotier 2018 fair.

Reduced dust emissions


Processes 50.000 m³/h air per meter wide

Dust water processing


Market introduction in 2019

introduction at eurotier 2018

In this video from Pluimveeweb the system is shown and Cor Suselbeek explains some of the particulars of the system.

Market introduction will follow in 2019.