Trovan flex read-write transponders

The TROVAN FLEX™ system* is designed for use in production control and logistics applications where the customer requires programmable (read-writable) data-carriers. TROVAN FLEX™ transponders feature answer- on-request, variable memory configuration, access-by-password and the ability to lock in programmed codes on a block-by-block basis.


ID 250 Flex industrial read-write transponderID250

  • Shape equal to ID200, but 120bit write possibility
  • Designed for use in extremely harsh environments
  • High-vibration tolerance
  • Has countersunk opening for easy mounting using a screw or rivet.
  • Countersunk opening: DIN 74 -Am5
  • Dimensions: ø26 x 4,7 mm
  • Weight: 4g
  • Storage temp:-40º C to +220º C
  • Operating temp:-40º C to +85º C
  • Environment: IP67
  • Vibration: random -20 -2,000Hz/10g/1 hr.p.Axis
  • sine -20 -2,000Hz/5g/1 hr.p.Axis

ID 450 Flex read-write HandsFree™ CardID400/ID450

  • Shape equal to ID400, but 120bit write possibility
  • Put it in your pocket and forget about it
  • No battery in card
  • Fits in industry-standard mag stripe readers
  • ISO compliant with respect to flexibility, durability
  • Available with the following additional features: mag stripe (high density or low density mag stripe)
  • custom printing (logos, text and pictures)
  • slot for use with standard ID badge clips
  • Dimensions: 85,6 x 53,97 x 0,85 mm