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New digestate dryer Saerbeck at Münster in operation

Since May 2016, the new container dryer for digestate in Bioenergiepark Saerbeck is in operation. The digestate dryer with air purification dries daily about 16 tons of liquid digestate and converts it to the dried granulate-like and quality fertilizer. The digestate comes from renewable raw materials, ie maize, pig manure, grass – all substrates come from the immediate vicinity of the plant. The dried digestate is marketed either in handy 5 liter pails or in 20 liter bags.

Quote from the homepage of the Klimakommune Saerbeck:

The 7200-inhabitant municipality Saerbeck in the heart of the Münsterland (NRW) has been involved for years in climate protection and energy policy. She has driven the switch to renewable energy, now produces a multitude of its own electricity needs from wind, solar and biomass, and continuously pursues the goal of CO2 neutrality. The Saerbeck projects of bioenergy park, the Transparent heating system and energy adventure trail attract visitors from around the world.“ He adds:

As part of the annual event “Fortschrittmotor Klimatschutz 2016 – Excellent pioneering” on June 23, 2016 in Dusseldorf the project “Klimakommune Saerbeck” has been incorporated into the ranks of the best projects in NRW. Until 2022 the KlimaExpo.NRW selects annually twelve flagship projects in North Rhine-Westphalia and reveals the positive effects of climate protection to a wide audience.“ (


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