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Dorset on tour through Turkey

These two days seminars started with a visit to our dryer and pellet plant installation; completed and running in Amasya, Gumushacikoy at Naturel Gıda Egg Production Facility, with the participation of poultry producers from all around Turkey, managers and related technical staff of the Corum and Afyon Provincial Directorates of Food, Agriculture and Licestock Ministry, Afyon Egg Union Representatives and members and the Corum Agricultural and Rural Development Support Institute.

Dorset has informed the participants about basics of manure drying and pelletising technologies, our first project at Keskinoglu, comparison of drying and composting technologies, the results of Royal Hasking’s enviromental assessment report. And included speakers from different academic disciplines, Mr. Prof. Dr. Durmus Kaya from Karabuk Unv. Energy and Enviromental Technologies Department, Prof. Dr Hayati Olgun Ege Univ. Solar Energy Institute. They have provided information about Biogas technologies, gasification, pyrolysis, torrification systems, use of biomass in Thermochemical Energy Conversion Systems. Also has Mr. Jaap Uenk from Dofco, Holland, lectured about the nutrient contents of dried fertilizer, its use and application on land and its value.

In August 2013 we have also given a similiar training on drying systems at Konya Province with the participation of Konya Egg Union executives and their members in August 2013.

Many thanks to our participants and speakers.

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