fish identification prototype shown

Tools for fish identifying in AquaIMPACT

Our equipment is used from Norway to Chile to identify all kind of fish. In cooperation with Wageningen University we have build a manual phenotype system to make selection of fish easier”, says Roland Stump, managing director Dorset ID

The development is part of the EU project AquaIMPACT, which is a collaboration between many European organisations, that aims to integrate the fields of fish breeding and nutrition to increase the competiveness of EU’s main aquaculture species while minimizing environmental impact.

What is the role of Dorset ID in AquaIMPACT? 

In the Genomic Innovations part, Dorset ID is responsible for the hardware of the system, i.e., identification of the fish when passing the antenna, provide the hardware to capture images, providing the right condition to make the required images, transportation of the fish and an automatic selection mechanism to select those fish that meet the selection criteria.

The frame of the sorting system is finished, the conveyor finally arrived after having been delayed due to the virus. ‘So now we are to continue assembling the line and hope to run some initial test end of June’ says Roland Stump.

(Picture: Proto type test Dorset ID Roland Stump together with WUR, Jochen Hemming and Angelo Mencarelli)

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