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Changes to the management team

Dorset Group, a leading manufacturer of solutions for processing organic waste streams and electronic developer, has made changes to her management team. 

After managing the company for many years together with Henno Haaring and Herman Rietman, Dorset’s founder, Mr. Henk Haaring, has handed over the helm to Henno Haaring, who now holds the role of managing director. Mr. Henk Haaring is still committed to Dorset’s success, in an advisory and commercial role, but has also started a new venture, Winsect (

The management Team has strengthened itself with the addition of Mr. Rob Janssen, who will be responsible for Dorset’s operations. He will be taking over from Herman Rietman, who has decided to look for a new challenge after being responsible for the operations of the company for over 12 years.

Mr. Janssen is a seasoned professional with vast experience in high-tech companies, focusing on creating operational excellence.

The third member of the management team is Mr. Tim de Broekert, who is responsible for Sales and Marketing. With this new management team, Dorset is fully equipped for further sustainable growth, in the dynamic and exciting global market of organic waste streams.

From left to right: Tim de Broekert, Henno Haaring, Rob Janssen

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