Thickening “Cascata”

digestaat indikker

A fluid with an extremely low dry substance content can be dried through the process of thickening.

This enables an increase in dry substance content from 4% to 12%. This is an optimal pre-processing step for further processing on a conveyor dryer or simply for reducing the volume of the substance.


  • Highly suitable for pre-treatment of waste materials
  • Maximum reduction of volume
  • Thin phase drying after separation 

Operation of the Dorset thickener “Cascata”
indikker cascata doorsnede

This system consists of rotating laminated plates that are comparable to escalators, which are repeatedly submersed in the buffer tank that lies below. This tank is filled with the material that must be thickened. The laminated plates are moistened in the tank, after which they move upward to where they are dried by the warm air. This way the air absorbs the moisture and the material is thickened. The installation operates according to a time schedule: After a preset time, the thickened material is pumped out and new material is pumped into the tank.

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