Dorset dryers


Several different types of Dorset Dryers are available.

The choice depends on the desired capacity and the material that needs to be dried. After careful consultation, a decision is made on what type and design of Dorset Dryer suits the customer. Depending on the circumstances, this will result in either a customized dryer or a standard unit.

Advantages of the Dorset Dryer

  • Very low energy consumption,
  • Highly compact and flexible,
  • Requires little maintenance,
  • Produces an end product with consistent properties,
  • Fully automatic operation without supervision is possible,
  • Through remixing, a separation of the manure is not necessary,
  • Low dust generation through low air speeds,
  • Simple to combine with Dorset air washers.



Relevantvariables that are possible in the design of the dryer include:

  • Remixing capacity, separation, or a combination of both
  • Multiple layer drying or single layer drying
  • Container placement (outdoors) or placement in the production hall (indoors)
  • Transport conveyors or jack screws



Dorset has many years of experience in the delivery of turnkey complete solutions. It is easy to combine the dryer with other available equipment units, such as:

  • Separators,
  • Thickeners,
  • Air washers,
  • Pellet press,
  • Hygienization unit, and/or
  • Packaging installation


We continue to develop our dryers so as to improve their performance and cost-effectiveness.