Dorset “Cascata” thickener


With the “Cascata” thickener, liquid with low dry matter content can be converted into a fluid with high dry matter content.

The Cascata has the capability of increasing the dry matter content of a substance from 2 – 6% to 8 – 14%. This is an optimal treatment before further processing in a conveyor dryer, or for the reduction of the volume. The Cascata is especially suitable for drying liquid digestate.


  • Extremely suitable as a processor for waste materials
  • Reduction of the volume and weight by 40%
  • Suitable for drying a thin fraction after separation
  • Installation in a production hall or as a Plug-and-Play Container


Operation of the Cascata

This system consists of rotating laminated plates that are comparable to escalators, which are repeatedly submersed in the buffer tank that lies below. This tank is filled with the material that must be thickened. The laminated plates are moistened in the tank, after which they move upward to where they are dried by warm air. The air absorbs the moisture whereby the material is thickened. The installation operates according to a time schedule: after a preset time, the thickened material is pumped out and new material is pumped into the tank.

Normally the Cascata unit is combined with an air washer, which filters out the ammonia (and the odour) in the air. Air washers are part of the product range of Dorset.