Access control

Trovan® access guard

Trovan ® access guard is developed for every situation which requires fully controllable access control of all entrances. Different types of identification units with different reading ranges can be combined in the trovan ® access guard system (LID650 or LID665). This allows every location to have an identification unit matching to its own specific demands.

The touch less identification keys allow its owners to enter authorized locations at certain or at all times. Standard up to 1000 keys (expandable) can be stored in each identification unit. Depending on the number of keys used a maximum of 1000 movements can be stored in the readers historical memory.

Trovan ® access guard is delivered with free Windows™ 98/2000/XP/2003 based PC software. This database oriented software can be used to easily change the settings of all identification units. After the units have been updated, they work stand-alone from the PC software.