Hospital applications

Instrument net identification

  • ID200 fixed on instruments net
  • Scan net through table by antenna below the table surface to know what instruments should be placed in this particular net.
  • Picture of instrument is shown on computer with location were to put it.

Not all instruments are sterilized at the same temperature and wrong temperature will destroy instruments.


Chip on trolly is scanned at the autoclave and temperature is set automatically to the correct value.
After failure of autoclave, wrong nets can be retrieved




ID200 used to identify hospital beds.

Identification of bed for maintenance using ID200 and LID665 with pole antenna.

Complete solution including Trovan® Service Management Interval software.


  • Maintenance registration
  • Insurance




Patency system

ID100a in dissolvable capsule filled with barium to test and be sure that a camera can be swallowed without any problem of kept stuck in the intestines.
Reader is used to test if the capsule indeed has left the body after 24 hours. Reader had to read 12 mm tag over more than 30cm.




Endoscopy – Drying cabinets

Trovan® tags are used to identify Endoscopes.
User is identified by reading the ID400 and the endoscope by using a ID100. By this way user and endoscope are link to eachother so data of usage etc. can be retrieved.