LID560 Series

LID560The basic member of the Trovan® pocket reader family for reading multiple transponder types is the LID560 pocket reader.

The dimensions of the LID560 are identical to the LID571/LID572 series, but the LID560 does not support any kind of communication features. This is what differentiates this reader from the LID571. Reading performance is equal to the LID571 series.

The LID560 has a detachable pocket clip. The housing is made of two colors ABS (squirrel grey/distant blue RAL7000/5023).

ID codes are shown on the 2 x 16 character display, which has backlighting. If the battery voltage (Standard 9V Alkaline) drops below 7 Volts, the message ‘low battery’ is shown on the display (reading is still possible).

If an ID-number was not in range of the reader during the activation period, the message ‘no code’ is shown on the display.

The LID560 is activated by pressing the push button. If the button is pressed shortly the latest transponder number read is shown on the LCD. Is the button pressed for longer than 0.2 seconds, the reader starts scanning.


There are 3 types available:

  • LID560:
    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Trovan® Flex only.
  • LID560-ISO:
    Reads the Trovan® Unique & Flex, ISO FDX-B, Destron, AVID (fecava), ASK, PSK1 and PSK2 transponders.
  • LID560-MULTI:
    Reads the same types as the LID560-ISO version but can also read the AVID Encrypted tags.


There are 3 representations of the ISO FDX-B code

  • HEX code (example: 6C723800004F0001)
  • DEC code (example: 528 000001855030)
  • Using country codes (example: NL 000001855030) 


Typical applications:

  • Animal identification
  • Theft prevention
  • Applications where user is only interested in the ID of the transponder


Pheripheral equipment:

  • Carry case
  • Protection boot
  • Rechargeble 9V NiMH battery
  • Battery charger for 2ea 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries