Animals ISO FDX-B

ID162ID162 implantable transponder

The ID162 transponder uses the patented direct bonding technique from Trovan enabling us to reduce the number of components in the chip and as you can imagine reducing the chance of an electronic error.


Special made for animal identification

  • uses Trovan® patented ‘direct bonding’ technique
  • Individual sterile in needle ready for use
  • Bio compatible glass encapsulated
  • Conform ISO 11784-11785 FDX-B standard



The physical specification are similar to the industrial ID200 tag, the chip meet the ISO FDX B standard.
For external tagging of cattle this transponder is the solution.



For the ID162 implantable transponders there are 3 implanter types available.

  • The IID102IID102
    Very effordable but not qualified for intensive daily usage.





  • The IID100EIID100E
    Efficiënt and robust. By special arrangement, the needle is pulled back and the ID162 is released in the space that has been created by the needle. By this there is minimal tissue damage compared to systems where the transponder is pressed away in the tissue.



  • The IID100-GUNIID100-GUN
    Handdy and robust.