Trovan® unique animal transponders

ID100Trovan®, the way to identify animals and to protect endangered.

The problem was that certain species are endangered but still being caught illegally, then smuggled abroad and sold for a lot of money.
The solution was a tiny glass transponder injected under the skin that identifies the animal immediately as the member of a protected species.
The result is a reliable, simple identification that lasts a lifetime with a world wide guaranteed unique ID number.



ID100 Implantable Transponder

  • World wide guaranteed unique ID number

  • Designed especially for animal identification

  • Bio-compatible glass encapsulation

  • Pre-sterilized, and ready-to-use

  • Individually packaged in a disposable syringe incl. 6 barcodes

  • Small size is suitable for use in even the smallest species

  • Endorsed by the Captive Breeding Specialist Group (C.B.S.G.) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature


  • Used in over 300 zoos worldwide

  • Used by over 80 government agencies in 20 countries

  • Longest read range in any micro-transponder available today: enhances safety of shelter personnel and ensures transponder detection

  • Only micro-transponder that can be read using a walk-by reader

  • Dimensions: 2.12 x 11.5 mm 

ID100/Disp Implantable TransponderID100DISP

Same specification as the ID100 mentioned above but delivered incl. sterilized disposable seringe


ID100A Micro TransponderID100a 

  • World wide guaranteed unique ID number 

  • Smallest transponder in the TROVAN line

  • Glass encapsulation is especially suited for use in high-humidity environments

  • Suitable for insertion into pre-drilled holes, or for molding into plastic items.

  • Dimensions: 2.12 x 11.5 mm



For the ID100 implantable transponders there are 3 implanter types available.

  • The IID102IID102
    Very effordable but not qualified for intensive daily usage.





  • The IID100EIID100E
    Efficiënt and robust. By special arrangement, the needle is pulled back and the ID100 is released in the space that has been created by the needle. By this there is minimal tissue damage compared to systems where the transponder is pressed away in the tissue.



  • The IID100-GUNIID100-GUN
    Handdy and robust.