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Dorset presents new pig-farming concept at Eurotier: the Candy Farm

The Candy Farm concept combines high animal welfare standards with zero net energy consumption


Energy Crop as bedding

The key to these achievements is a modern bedding barn, using the energy crop “Igniscum Candy” for bedding instead of sawdust. Because the manure mixes with the energy crop, the end product is perfect for green energy production.

Other features

Other features of the Candy farm:

  • No slatted floors
  • Heat recovery
  • Automatic bedding distribution
  • Daily manure removal

More info

If you are interested, please check our scale model at our stand at Eurotier – stand number: 11 A42. You can check our brochures for more info:

Stand at Eurotier
Scale model



Igniscum Candy

Igniscum Candy

For more Information about the energy crop Igniscum Candy, please check our brochures:


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