Dorset 6 tier dryer for poultry manure - thinner
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Drying poultry manure from multiple farms

Drying manure from several poultry farms or houses at one centralised site, can lead to benefits from scale efficiencies. The project below dries manure from 300.000 broilers at one centralised location.

The manure is brought to the input bunker and then dosed into the drying system. After 2 days, the manure is dry. Drying manure reduced emissions, transport and storage costs and makes it ready for use or further processing. This plant was build in the province of Anhui, China, by our partner Henan Dusan.

Wet manure input bunker


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Wet manure entry


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Poultry manure drying system


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Ventilation for drying system


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Dry manure handeling and storage


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