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Log into the Optilink data logger system

Installations with a biological air washer are regularly inspected. The inspecting party will request the submission of log data.

It appears that many users of an Optilink data logger only log in when an authority requests information. Occasionally the Optilink data logger cannot connect directly due to the purchase of a new computer, changes in the network or defective cables.

To prevent connection failure at important moments, we advise you to log in to the data logger regularly (preferably every three months) to prevent surprises. You can optionally save the retrieved data on a USB stick or on the PC.

By periodically retrieving the data from your Optilink data logger you can identify early problems of your washer or connection and deliver the requested data directly during inspections. In addition, when you regularly view the data, you can adjust your installation and thus achieve an improved return.

If you cannot / do not want to log in regularly, we offer you the possibility for Dorset to  regularly check your connection and retrieve your data.

For more information about this possibility or for other questions please contact our service department; 0543-745402,

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