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Partnership with Kilbra in Brazil

We have a new partner in Brazil: Kilbra. We are happy to announce they have closed their first project with a Dorset dryer and that there are more in the pipeline.

Kilbra has been a mayor player in the poulry sector of Brazil for 50 years. They supply all elements required for quality poultry farming with a focus on innovation.

Kilbra will be a source for poultry manure drying equipment for customers in Brazil. Both dry and pelleted, chicken manure is an excellent fertilizer and is widely used in many crops. The Dorset manure dryer utilizes the air flow from the house itself, without the need for pre-drying, further reducing costs. An air flow with a temperature of at least 20°C is sufficient to dry the manure. With a higher temperature and lower relative humidity of this air flow, an even better result is obtained. The structure can also vary in terms of positioning, being installed at the bottom or on the side of the shed.

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